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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  September 17, 2012 1:00am-1:20am EDT

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state governments that affect county social service programs and practices. that's a critical area. >> host: you have the shared vision program which shows you just want to educate americans-the public so they understand and know us better. i know that's really important piece so that we can have mored advocates. ...
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>> and the author of these books in "it's a jetson's world" as well as "bourbon for breakfast."
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jeffrey tucker, let's start with "it's a jetson's world." what is the jetson's vs. plans don't dichotomy? >> thank you for having me. it approaches all sorts of issues. i mean i tried to capture the sense of miracles around us every day due to miracles of billing my childhood dream. that i would wake up and seedbed digital age was just an injury and walter cronkite will be on the air. to good to be true. so many things are amazing. the other day i parked my car with the iphone's up i saw all the restaurants
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around me i pulled up the menu and had to do the special like having x-ray vision to look inside the breast not. it is to draw attention to these amazing wings. to understand the sources. >> host: what is the flintstone's part of the book? >> guest: the government runs the arm taxes and regulation. day after day bureaucracy on how things have to be made and we see that breakdown and what we take for granted whether washington -- washing machines, dryers, everything is so heavily regulated
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things don't work as well in the free world of the digital economy massive innovation and everything is more spectacular than in the physical world 1/2 things are dilapidated so the book tries to draw attention to the contrast of the relationship. the reason the digital sector is growing because it is a freer section of society. >> host: you talk about students should try to work for free. >> guest: it is a very serious problem. young kids and not getting work experience i started work at 12430 now it is
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almost impossible until you wear 16. there are fewer and fewer opportunities. i suggest they get to work as soon as they can even if it is free to build up contacts and a network with the nice resume that people can recommend you. i argue it is probably more important than the formal education to do with people and had to be creative and how to handle money. this is inexperience all americans have had it is a serious problem. >> host: how does that fit
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into "it's a jetson's world"? >> guest: not just draw attention to miracles but it the way regulations cause of collapse but people need to realize even though the age of despotism used to have to live a full and free life. get to work find a place to volunteer your purchase will come at some point* you'll be added your shell if you will have to provide for yourself and your loved ones. >> host: what about "bourbon for breakfast"? >> i went to breakfast with
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the very old scholar just an old southern gentleman. would you like a cup of coffee? would you like bourbon? it shocked me. it was taboo. southern gentleman violating to drink in the morning. i said yes. of course. [laughter] i realize the things that we think vertrue are not to. we have good trustee world to not go to college until you're 18 or not to work until 16. of map that has been imposed on us and the book encourages us to think
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outside the box to live a better life. down except what people tell you. take in different points of view. >> host: but you talk about morality is not come from the state utah about dumping grease down the drain. [laughter] >> guest: that is true. i consume a lot of lord but that is another example i love large and praise large. i love fast-food. i think taco bell is a miracle. i a had a lot of socialist
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making demands what did they want? prosperity for the working man and woman to have health care in housing and what the rich have but i agree with everything the year at -- their ideals are my ideals it is the free-market that did it. i am crazy for wal-mart. people are down on wal-mart but i don't understand it i see them shopping getting great stuff this is a mecca. it is have been the dream of every great philosopher why
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do we appreciate that? i defend that. >> host: talk about the piano industry with the current debate about sourcing what is your take? >> i am glad you brought that up i was interested when i was in the market for a piano. they sound beautiful totally different from the instruments of today. there is a piano and every home. a major part of the american economy saying it was no longer to be manufactured in the u.s. so they move to
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curb riyal but there is no panic nobody said it is terrible we're outsourcing the piano. no. it is a normal market process of economic development and pass to play itself out. in a panic way could not possibly have that the laraque it is ridiculous we just have to defer. i was just in brazil they drive a lot of american cars. but there manufactured in brazil and their process is way more advanced because of labor unions.
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and alabama of manufacturers currey of a car's. >> host: airbus is coming as well. >> so i think it has saved a coulter of my state there are hundreds of spin-off businesses of their where and the children of the workers are now building churches all over the place and funding since the days and the coulter has improved as a result of the koreans and has been a beautiful thing to see. i am intrigued help commerce brains people together a bout central planning. coulter lake three hands
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have nothing in common but the brotherhood of man is beautiful. >> host: what is laissez-faire books? >> founded back in the analog age can you imagine? i vaguely remember these days it was the economists source for libertarian ideas in 1995 they began to have problems and never became profitable again was like acquiring the old so i was very honored to be picked for the executive better in the hope to turn it around we publish history and philosophy and we're doing
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more publishing now. is everywhere. and i started a digital ballclub just like the old fashioned book club only in the digital world. [laughter] in has only been around six weeks but it is of a wonderful thing to be part of a commercial endeavor. you make a plan that it can change i don't know all the answers but maybe there will present themselves. it is a creative endeavor. it is from the balance it is
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beautiful see you could go to bet at night i did the right thing that i will try again tomorrow. >> what is the ludwig von reese's institute? >> it is the nonprofit organization located in alabama center of liberty who was a great and fascist she took on the rest am very pleased with another book called no more gatekeepers to how to build your own civilization in the digital age. >> host: do sell more hard-cover the books or on the internet? >> moors e-books the first
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one i picked up by thought to this is spectacular. it is the future. i felt them of. we make everything with e-book. people still love them. we print everything also audio books you have to be all things to all people. >> host: as a book publisher with what intellectual property what did you think of the debate on intellectual property? >> it is relatively new not part of the free market then some legislatures may international i think it gummed up the works and made a mess of literature and
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music and another eight intellectual property is real property. it is shocking. they about it. it took me six years but at the same time living in a capitalist system they help to make it profitable. >> i consider very idea i put out there to be part of the common said dedicated communist and has been true
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with the industrial revolution never had patents without it development takes based six place more quickly. all my books are published in two creative comments. please pirate them and steal my ideas. [laughter] >> host: what is the best website? >> guest: prepare yourself radius may shock you different from the mainstream. >> host: this is booktv we are talking with the executive editor of laissez-faire books jeffrey tucker. author of "it's a jetson's world" as well as "bourbon for breakfast" and a new book coming out is called no more gatekeepers.
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>> host: we have the executive director of the ayn rand institute and the co-author of this book free-market revolution. we're here at to freedomfest and one of the common themes we talk about is the moralism of capitalism. it is the key question of our time to shape the direction of the country where we head as individuals and as a nation.


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